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Summer Holidays in Portugal: Alentejo
The Alentejo is one of the most genuine Portuguese regions. While it has modern cities, such as Évora - a UNESCO World Heritage Site- it still holds true to traditional values and way of life from older times. It was elected, by USA TODAY readers in 2014, as the best wine region to visit in the world and it has, since then, become one of the main wine destinations for wine lovers. It stretches over almost one-third of Portugal and is one of the largest regions in Portugal. Its gastronomy and, naturally, its wines also stand out by their quality.
The Alentejo offers some of the most wonderful landscapes you will ever see, world-renowned wineries where you can taste its great wines, rocky beaches ideal for walking and sunbathing, endless outdoor activities, wonderful food made with regional products with a twist of modernity, century-old monuments, culture and heritage, luxury Wine Hotels and Farms for a dreamlike stay, and the most friendly and welcoming people that will make you feel like you are at home. The options are endless but we hand-picked the best experiences that will certainly help you plan the perfect in Alentejo.
[Image: summer_holidays_alentejo.jpg?width=848&n...entejo.jpg]

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